Technology fuels curiosity. This science and technology study is so fun!|Science in RGSG


Knowledge changes the world, science and technology achieve life.

In June, the primary school of RGSG Nanjing started a lively and interesting research trip with the theme of "Technology ignites dreams" in nanjing Science and Technology Museum.

Man who travels far knows more

Facing the morning sun, the children, like happy birds in the forest, step onto the school bus one after another to feel the charm of science and technology.


Magic sugar generation, dazzling light channel, obedient ball, sound ladder...... Rich interactive experience activities, let the children close to understand the mystery of science.


"This is my first time to visit the museum and I am very excited. The robot fish can swim in the water to generate electricity. It's really amazing! In the future, I want to be an ocean scientist and design lightweight swimsuits that can breathe underwater." Fourth grade Yoyo said excitedly.


"This is the second time I've been to the museum," says second-grader Sara proudly. "I've loved science since I was a kid, and my house is full of science books. During this activity, I was deeply impressed by the "electrostatic phenomenon", which used to produce a large electrostatic reaction through friction. In the future, I want to be a scientist."


In nanjing Science and Technology Museum, mathematics, physics, chemistry, the universe and other knowledge through the way of games, guide children to broaden their horizons from play, from games to inspire thinking.

Technology illuminates the future

Not only that, the whole accompany of foreign teachers and the addition of English teaching, but also let children feel the infiltrating English learning atmosphere.

Vanessa said: "This activity, I learned several English words science, space, compared to the classroom, this method is easier to remember."


The IMAX ball-screen theater is one of the most popular projects for children. With a diameter of 21 meters and a tilt of 30 degrees, the design allows children to see the pictures everywhere they see.

"The cinema in the science museum is very special, it is a spherical design that gives us a different visual effect." Eric was amazed.


Since its inception, RGSG Nanjing has been a school closest to science, and has listed "building strong science and technology" as one of its school features.

RGSG Nanjing attaches great importance to the cultivation of "science education". Through immersive research themed activities, students can arouse their interest in learning, gain knowledge in games and feel the charm of science in practice.

Move the classroom out of the classroom, bring children knowledge, thought, wisdom, ability, creation, practice opportunities and places, through situational learning, broaden their horizons, ignite the dream of science and technology.