Royal Grammar School UK

Royal Grammar School (Guilford)

With its predecessor founded in 1509, the Royal Grammar School (RGS) was newly established by King Edward VI in 1552 and officially formed after it was granted the Royal Charter. Located in Guildford, the county town of Surrey in the southeast of England, RGS enjoys great prestige throughout the UK for its academic excellence.

Grammar schools are regarded as a unique feature of British education, aiming to train students to be enrolled in universities, and hold a special status. The earliest “Grammar Schools” can be traced back to the Middle Ages. At that time, the grammar schools mainly taught Latin and gradually changed to English teaching over time. In the late 19th century, the grammar schools in the UK reformed and offered a wider and deeper range of subjects, with the quality of teaching outperforming ordinary middle schools. Now there are few grammar schools left. Some counties still retain elite-status state grammar schools, but many are independent, such as RGS Guildford.

The RGS Guildford adheres to the core values of “rigorous scholarship and suiting the teaching to the ability of the pupils,” and takes pride in providing a heuristic education. The historic Tudor buildings create a unique atmosphere and style. For centuries, RGS Guildford has trained many academic leaders and political leaders alongside outstanding talents in the military, religion, literature and art, sports and other sectors.


Alumni (non-exhaustive list)


Professor Andrew Hamilton

Provost of Yale University, President of the University of Oxford

Professor Pete Haynes

Head of DAMTP, University of Cambridge

Conway Lloyd Morgan

Comparative Psychologist and Philosopher, President of the University of Bristol

Robert Abbott

Dean of Balliol College, Oxford, Bishop of Salisbury

Sir George Gray

Premier of New Zealand, Governor of South Australia, and twice Governor of New Zealand

Sir Morris Abbott

Lord Mayor of London

Robert Parkhurst

Entrepreneur, Lord Mayor of London

James Purnell

Cabinet minister, Minister of Labour, Secretary of State for Culture and Sport

Arthur Onslow

The longest-serving Speaker of the House of Commons

Sir Philip Sales

Judge of the Court of Appeal