Junior High Curriculum

The Junior High School of RGS Guildford Nanjing integrates the Chinese curriculum for national compulsory education and bilingual integrated courses. Students are divided into category A classes or category B classes according to their language competence so that they are better able to access the immersive curriculum offered. Students who start with a weaker foundation in English will be supported with their English language development.

The timing for the Junior High School lessons is in line with that of high school. Each lesson is 55 minutes long, with a five-minute break between lessons. A variety of contemporary teaching and learning methods are used within lessons. We always encourage our teachers to explore different techniques within their lessons so that students can achieves their maximum potential.

In Grades 7 and 8, students are taught 6 lessons in English. They will follow an integrated curriculum combining the best of Chinese and International curricula.

In Grade 9 most of students’ lessons will be in English with the support of a bilingual assistant when needed. Class B is taught one science lesson and one humanities lesson less and two English lessons more than Class A. Class A students start to study IGCSE courses in G9, with the goal to pass the standard exam for five courses at G10. Class B students can apply to transfer to Class A if their English proficiency and grades meet the specified requirements.


Co-Curricular Activities

The Junior High School offers a wide variety of Co-Curricular activities. We are fully committed to our students finding inspiration no matter what their talents are, or where their interests may lie. Students can choose four different activities form over 20 different clubs depending on their own interests, and take one activity every day from Monday to Thursday. These activities range from basketball to chess, from Scrabble to dancing. By participating in Co-curricular activities out students will develop different life-skills and become well-rounded individuals. They will also have fun as well! There will also be opportunities for students to take part in competitions outside of the school.

The 36 activity courses include:
Minor language courses: Spanish, Japanese, etc.
Art courses: Drama, dance, orchestra, etc.
Sports courses: Tennis, frisbee, football, basketball, table tennis, fencing, swimming, etc.
Science and Technology courses: DT etc.
Business courses: FBLA business competition, global economy, etc.
Humanities courses: British and American lifestyle, school magazines, etc.