University Guidance

The Careers and University Guidance section of RGS Guildford Nanjing include three core components: Preparation for Further Studies, Individualized Education Planning and Counseling, Extracurricular Ability Enhancement. The combination of specialization and personalization is designed to guide students to explore their own interests and strengths, so that each student can be accepted by an institution of higher learning that will suit him and help them realize their ambitions and ideals.

At present, our Classroom Curriculum for Careers and University Guidance covers three major topics:

Outlook for overseas study

Includes an introduction to overseas colleges and universities, an exploration of different university majors, employment and career prospects, overseas adaptation courses and pre-departure instruction and preparation.


University Application process

We will guide students through the university application processes, entry criteria, document writing and other courses on application guidelines.


University Presentations

We will be inviting speakers from overseas Universities to give presentations regarding their universities. These presentations will help students to come to understand international education and the advantages of attending an overseas university and becoming an international talent in the future.

Meanwhile, we will enhance the personal profile of students for admission into Higher Education through academic competitions, comprehensive skill development, public benefit activities, internship experiences and holiday projects. In this way, we not only help students be more competitive in the application process by providing them with enhanced language proficiency, but also ensure that each activity will become a source of positive energy and focus for the student’s growth and prepare them well for applying to prestigious schools.

Different priorities for further studies will be set for students in each grade of the secondary school, and we will provide each student with individualized education planning and guidance for further studies.