House System

The High School of RGSG Nanjing emulates its parent school in the UK to build a British-style education implementing the house and tutor system. On a global scale, the houses of RGS Guildford Nanjing all link up under the same names and the same housemasters with our sister schools around the world. At present, there are three houses in the Middle School of RGS Guildford Nanjing: Austen and Beckingham and Hamonde.

The students in our houses are of mixed age, and each student has the opportunity to cooperate with students throughout the high school. Every 5-6 students will have one group academic tutor to support with target-setting and managing everyday life in RGS Guildford Nanjing. Student leaders are selected by votes within the group to bridge the communication between students and the school. The tutor keeps an eye on the academic performance of the students, and leads them to carry out various extracurricular activities and ensures that throughout the high school, benefit from various special activities including lessons in global citizenship, Personal, Social and Health Education along with Higher Education and Careers planning.

In our house system, mutual aid and cooperation between students is fundamental to the development of all students. We run a broad curriculum of studies, life interests and festival celebrations to foster a system of mutual support and growth, which are intended to develop leadership and collaboration in our students. Meanwhile, different houses compete many areas, just like in Harry Potter!

On basis of the house system, RGS Guildford Nanjing retains the class teacher system in Chinese education alongside a western house structure. This system is a bridge ensuring barrier-free communication between parents, students and the school.