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Welcome from the principals


Alex Shen

Principal of RGSG Nanjing

Dear students, welcome to RGSGNJ. I want to share the following thoughts with you.
First,be self-motivated to persevere and enjoy the process of trying hard.

"The mountain of books has the road and diligence, and the sea of learning is boundless and hard work." I don't like to compare learning to drudgery. The devotion will make you feel energetic for things that some might consider drudgery. I regard this devotion as an internal drive. People with internal drive will find learning enjoyable, and they usually have full curiosity for the world around them. People with the internal drive also have a high adversity quotient. They can always recover from hardship and find their own path in confusion, and this is the gritty spirit as highlighted in our school motto.

Second,be the one with an agency, voice your thoughts, make deliberate choice, and take ownership of your own life. 

Third,develop a strong sense of self-efficacy —— you do have the capability to achieve the goal, to be a good leader and team player. 

Fourth,learn to appreciate yourself and applause for any progress you have achieved. Learn to appreciate others. When you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself. (Martin Walsh) 

Instead of just competing with fellow classmates, you are growing together with each other. It is essential to discover your talents and interests and try to turn them into specialities and even future careers. I hope you can develop a growth mindset, be proud of your strength and accept your limitations at the same time, accept others and offer help when you see them making mistakes. I am Alex Shen. I am waiting for you at RGSGNJ, and willing to offer all my support.


Fan Yunliang

Chinese principal of RGSG , Nanjing

Welcome from Chinese principal

Dear friends,

Greetings! Welcome to RGSG Nanjing. We aim to be a benchmark of international education for Chinese students in China. We help each student develop the values of “integrity, inclusivity, health, perseverance and an enterprising spirit.” Our students are Chinese at heart but trained to be globally competent.

Founded in 1509, RGSG is one of the most prestigious schools in UK and ranks No. 1 among more than 250 grammar schools in Britain. With the honorable tradition of exceptional academic achievements for over 500 years, RGSG sees 30% of its students admitted into Oxford and Cambridge for further study every year.

The building in GRSG Nanjing is the result of joint efforts from top school designers in China and royal designers in Britain. Its white clove shape is simple but grand and its spatial layout is an embodiment of British style. Its features of comfortability, peace, warmth and dynamism will make you fall in love with study, reading and communications. It will make you feel as if you were lecturers standing in an ancient Greek theater to unfold your mind and passions.

We strive to bring world-class education to students in China! We insist in applying the Western experience in the practices in China, integrating Western and Chinese experiences in school running, linking British and Chinese education programs, offering Chinese students the same access to top universities in the world as RGSG students and exploring ways of world-class education in China for the future.

We ensure that every single student is fully respected and cared and can learn and grow up in an educational environment with rich experience, in order to create a bright future for them. Although we may be born in different countries, knowledge knows no national boundary. We pay attention to fully tap wisdom, emotions, social, material & artistic aspects, creativity and potentials of each student; encourage cross-disciplinary interactions and knowledge integration; call for balance in mental and physical worlds; highlight harmony and pleasure in life and cultivate global citizens with integrative thinking.

Hope that you can make a difference and be yourself!


Matthew Ford

Foreign?Principal?of RGSG , Nanjing

Welcome from Foreign Principal

China is a global power, and its influence is increasing daily. As a major player on the world stage, it will benefit greatly from more citizens who are as comfortable operating in Vancouver, New York, London and Syndey (to name just a few cities) as they are at home, in China.

Our goal at RGS Guildford, Nanjing is simple. Alongside teaching our students the Chinese National Curriculum until the end of Grade 9, we will prepare them for the potential to follow an international career. Everything we do, starting in Grade 1, is designed ultimately to produce school leavers who will not just get into foreign universities, but who will have the skills to thrive once they are there, and in the workplace beyond, whether that is in China or overseas.

We have a very close relationship with our parent school in the UK. RGS Guildford has been sending fine young students to some of the best universities for more than 500 years. We are proud to be a part of its growing family. RGS Guildford understands the importance of developing the whole student rather than just teaching didactically for tests. It understands that much of the best learning does not happen in the classroom, and it thrives on excellent pastoral care and the spirited competition and collaboration fostered through its House system.

If you spend some time browsing this website, you will be able to learn just how we do all of this here, in Nanjing, and you will be able to find out more about our excellent staff and our world-class campus and facilities. However, you cannot judge a school only by looking at a computer screen. I hope you will want to come and visit us. You will get a warm welcome and feel the positive energy as you look around. Our school feels purposeful, international and, above all, happy.