Campus Services

Diet & Health


“Nutrition Life” Catering Project

RGS Guildford Nanjing has set the “Nutrition Life” research project, aimed at the study of diet nutrition, table manners and diet culture, to shape a diet education curriculum system. We have a self-operated A-level canteen that purchases all ingredients from green food production and supply bases, and ensure that food samples are retained every day for inspection.

We hire national nutritionists to work with top chefs from five-star hotels to combine various ingredients depending on different age groups of the students, and seasonally design nutritional recipes with both Chinese and Western cuisines. The dishes for different academic stages are cooked separately, which can satisfy the appetite needs of different academic stages while the quantity of oil and salt added is strictly in compliance with the standards. Green vegetables are offered every day to ensure the intake of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber and help children grow and develop. Pork, beef, fish and other seafood as well as fungus and bean products are also essential to improve immunity of children and provide high-quality protein.

To ensure nutrition intake and avoid picky eaters, the canteen provides standard meals for younger children every day, and class teacher accompanied dining system is adopted to guide children to develop good eating habits. Older children can add food and dishes freely as needed.


Growth and Health Management Project

RGS Guildford Nanjing is provided with one-stop health services from the health industry company owned by Gemdale, offering basic evaluation and health record management services for children. We conduct individualized education special health management on each child, and watch out for the key trace elements in the body, teeth, and eyesight indicators for children's growth and hire full-time well-qualified practitioners. Medical workers are assigned to be on duty for 24 hours.


Mood Management Project

We set up the Mood Management Center technically supported by the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and hire full-time psychological counselors, to provide students with psychological counseling and guidance, education on mode management in social interaction, education on psychological skills, perseverance education, and psychological well-being education. Class teachers and moral education teachers keep abreast of children’s mood state, and will intervene as soon as possible if required.


Quality Growth Bank Account Project

Each child has his own “Comprehensive Quality Growth Bank” account. We have only one account for one person. The GL test for admissions will be entered into the account. This project is designed to record and evaluate the comprehensive quality and keep a close eye on the development path of children.