Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and Teachers' Day


The pointer of time across the 38th Teacher's day, the same freeze in the full moon reunion of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Near the double section, the children will borrow the moon praise Shien, to chan Jin thought. Wandering in the long scroll of Chinese culture, they use various forms to send sincere blessings to their families and friends.

On the afternoon of September 9, all the faculty and staff gathered in the Future Theater to celebrate the 2022 Teachers' Day Recognition Ceremony of Nanjing Gemdale Future School.

WX20220913-091031@2x.pngBest Wishes for Mid-Autumn Festival

Day last month round, the world dream round, the end of the world at this time. This time, the pupils are impassioned, in the Mid-Autumn poetry on a talent show.

In the sound of the reading, we heard the beautiful vision of family and country reunion and prosperity, and felt the valiant efforts of the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This situation, but also let the children pay more attention to friendship, family, learn to cherish the present happy life.

WX20220913-091158@2x.pngThe children's hard work and wonderful performance, the teachers finally awarded the medal of honor to the outstanding players. At the same time, I would like to thank the head teacher of Class 3 (3), Mr. Chen Hairong, for organizing this activity, and all the teachers involved for their hard work and support!


The pupils sing to wing, the middle school students also not to mention. With a pen and a gold hook, they delineate the best qualities that all young people aspire to: integrity, tolerance, learning, respect, courage and cooperation.

Five thousand years of heritage, is endowed with young and fresh meaning. This is not only what we want our children to achieve, but also a message to all of us.


On the Mid-Autumn Festival, wish to have family to accompany, have friends to be happy. Also hope that all can be long, not only in the autumn full moon.

Collaborate to Create the Bright Future

After the original opening program of the primary school teachers, the 2022 Teachers' Day Commendation conference with the theme of "Join Hands to empower, Love to Create the future" finally kicked off.

Mr. Yang Fei, general manager of Jidi Education and President of Nanjing Jidi Future School, Mr. Shen Jianjun, general principal of Nanjing Jidi Future School, and Mr. Matt, the foreign principal of Nanjing Jidi Future School, delivered speeches successively.


Mr. Yang Fei, chairman of the board, said: our goal is to run a "teacher teaching, students learning, teachers and students get along with positive" good school, the new semester new atmosphere, we have the confidence to go to the next level!

A teacher is a combination of multiple occupations and identities. They can be actors, directors, audiences, lecturers, artists, counselors, even cleaners... Each ability is indispensable. Matt expressed his full recognition of the teachers. He also expects that in the future, more teachers will be able to "live with the ability" to bring more fresh thinking to the school and create wonderful sparks.


Shen Jianjun, the principal, hoped that on Teachers' Day, we would have no long official language, no time-consuming long report, no grand speech, and we would have a happy holiday here, which is the most pure happiness.

Today, we have witnessed the past of the school and seen the light of the future. All this is inseparable from the hard work and innovation of teachers.

They are pioneers, pioneers and guardians. They are on the front line of teaching, preaching and solving problems, giving children knowledge, confidence and strength, and also harvesting all the way in the process of dedication.

WX20220913-091422@2x.pngAmid prolonged applause, Principal SHEN and other leaders presented MEDALS of honor to the winning teachers, thanking them for their efforts in the last school year. They deserve to be recognized, they are our pride!


We hope to cultivate Chinese builders and global participants with global competence, so do our students and our faculty. On this Teachers' Day, all the teachers gathered together to prepare the "eighteen martial arts" for this activity.

In the opening program, the teachers of the primary school presented piano recitals and group recitals, splashing ink and painting in the program, which realized the integration of traditional calligraphy and modern art. Teacher Zhang Liangyu, director of moral education, sang a song full of belonging and warmth for the teachers.


The children also recorded a series of "boasting" videos for our teachers with their tender but sincere words. In Jindi Future School, the children not only made good friends of the same age, but also met a group of lovely and honorable guides, which enabled them to roam freely in the ocean of knowledge.

In addition to honors and commendations, the school also prepared various kinds of refreshments and fruits for the staff to celebrate the joy of teachers alone.

WX20220913-091617@2x.pngEvery teacher has to go through a lot of trials and hardships in his career to create his own way of education. The wind and sand of time honed the wisdom of the roulette wheel, enduring in, can be seen light.


We believe that while young teachers are marching forward bravely, their predecessors are illuminating their way with their own teaching experience.

We are moved by the old steed in stable stable, and we also hope that the young are better than the blue, and hope that the three generations of old, middle-aged and young teachers will join hands to create a better future.