District Special prize, Gemdale Future "Trapeze" set out again!|Sports in RGSG



Congratulations to RGSG Nanjing for winning the district special prize in the 2022 3V3 basketball tournament in Jiangbei New District, and the district second prize for the junior high school!

Campus basketball has always been the mainstream. In Nanjing Goldfield Future School, we can see that there are many passionate "flying trapeze" competing in height and strength, whether in elective courses or on the basketball court between classes.

They are free, focused and fearless. Clean and dazzling young gas, with a variety of kill ball to draw a wonderful parabola.

Next Sunday, the basketball team of primary school of Nanjing Goldfield Future School will start again and march into nanjing city competition. I wish them to shine in the competition and Carry all the students!


In Nanjing Goldfield Future School, physical education is regarded as one of the core of education. While guaranteeing physical education, we create various sports opportunities and conditions for children at appropriate ages and grades.

Scientific guidance, to ensure that every student exercise at least 1 hour a day, so that children in sports harvest fresh, vivid youth and healthy soul.


More than 8,000 square indoor sports center, constant temperature natatorium, tennis court, table tennis court, basketball court, football field and other outdoor sports venues, not only give children multiple sports options, more healthy try, but also give children the reason and motivation to exercise in rainy days.

In order to make sports become the lifestyle recommended by every student, besides basketball team, Nanjing Goldfield Future School will also set up school teams such as cheerleading, swimming, fencing, tennis and football, so that students can lead students and sports can help them grow.

WX20220617-093342@2x.pngSports : It starts with meeting

In RGSG Nanjing, children can master a sport that they like and can accompany them for life. The wide range of sports courses attracts many students who already love sports and are good at sports. At the same time, more love is derived from meeting each other.

James fell in love with tennis at first sight. He said that as a boy, he always wanted to exercise his arm strength, and the happiness and confidence tennis brought to him made him look forward to the school tennis match.

At the same time, Mark, who strengthened his badminton training in class break and club time, was even more competitive: "I always thought I was good at badminton, until I found a senior of Nanjing Badminton Team in grade nine. I set a small goal for myself: surpass him as soon as possible!"

WX20220617-093350@2x.pngSports : Not just for health

Attach importance to sports, not only requires students to have a good body, but also through sports to cultivate students' excellent moral quality and psychological quality. We see so many students shine in their lives because of sports.

Dan, a grade 8 student, is not only a first-class sailing athlete, but also uses sports to cultivate perseverance and character. In study and life, he never gives up every opportunity for growth and makes progress every day, making every day full and full.


As a small sports talent, Benny students in school courses in many sports, like a duck to water, he and his teammates, carried out recently in the school three times a frisbee match victory: "after a daily training, their reaction, jumping ability, strength has come a long way to ascend, for my running, high jump, long jump are of great help."

In addition, sports also made him think more deeply about team cooperation and mutual trust among teammates: "In many sports, achievements can not be achieved only by one's ability, so sometimes people will get higher honor and satisfaction without being obsessed with winning or losing, and life and study are the same."

WX20220617-093412@2x.pngSports : Cultivating excellence with professionalism

Grasps with the best people to cultivate more excellent people, nanjing gold base in the future on the choice of sports coaches, teachers, school is very strict, these courses/association is given priority to with school teachers and professional team, and covers various fields medal coach, professional titles, including national level of referees, the athletes, world champion team, to give the child interest, more professional guidance.


Lee made no secret of the fact that he also had swimming lessons outside school, but he got better at swimming through the twice-weekly swimming club in school. "The coaches outside the school are coaches, and the teachers in the school are all first-class referees. They give me more careful and professional guidance, which is definitely different."

Similarly, geng's mother, a primary school student, saw the photo of her daughter dancing and pressing her legs. She was so happy that she directly praised her daughter's strength: "After studying outside school for a year, I can't even press my legs straight as I did in club class. My daughter said it was a good method taught by the PE teacher."

WX20220617-093512@2x.png Sports : Inherited sports spirit

RGSG Nanjing will integrate the spirit of sports into every gene of running school, so that every student can find their own interest and development direction.

RGSG Nanjing Yang Fei said: "sports with nanjing gold base of origin has a long history, the future school whether gemdale tennis as the breakthrough point, make the city" move "rise, or SiQing hiking, nearly a decade of insist, we can see the spirit of sports, gemdale and corporate culture is consistent."


To continue the high quality sports gene, RGSG Nanjing wants to create such a fruitful educational sample, so that the performance, competitive, individual and team sports will blossom in nanjing Goldfield Future School.

Let children's eyes from "entertainment culture", "e-sports" to "sports culture", in the depth of traditional sports, to develop national identity and pride; In learning modern competitive events, I have international confidence and competitiveness.

Besides sports, RGSG Nanjing also strengthened the future language, science and technology, art, business, labor, and other fields of development, encourage participation, teachers, students, parents, with aesthetic education, literacy, cultivate students' art of morality, intelligence and physique full scale development, walking really become the Chinese elite of the world.