The only one in Nanjing! Nanjing Guildford Future School is among the top 50 in the country! |RGS Guildford Nanjing


Yesterday, the results of the 2022 Forbes China - International School of the Year were officially released, and Nanjing Jindi Future School, the only international school in Nanjing on the list, was ranked among the top 50 in the country.


This is the second year that Forbes China has conducted a selection of international schools in mainland China. By studying and analyzing the four core dimensions of the participating schools: financial strength, school achievements, faculty strength, and school characteristics, and by combining questionnaire research from two major groups: teachers and students, the top 100 international schools with the most outstanding overall strength in the country were entered.

Since the school was founded in 2020, Nanjing Golden Future School has been highly praised and paid attention to with its landmark clover building, which not only has a superb face, black technology teaching equipment and a unique location, but also has a solid foundation in the construction of teachers and the quality of education and teaching.

In 2022, Nanjing Jindi Future School will be in full bloom in the "New Six Arts", winning numerous awards at home and abroad. In cultivating students' innovative spirit and practical power, and on the basis of matching the needs of each student, students will become the masters of life and learning.