My home turf, let the sweat shine


After the introduction of the "double reduction" policy, physical education has become an important subject in compulsory education.

Nanjing Golden Future School has made "sports and arts" one of its characteristics, and the school attaches great importance to "physical education", hoping to cultivate comprehensive talents with sports morals and personality.

The school is equipped with an indoor sports center of more than 8,000 square meters, and offers more than 20 courses and clubs that focus on "developing students' multiple skills", such as tennis, equestrian, fencing and swimming, to stimulate children's interest in sports.

RGSG Sport Meeting,Witness "Vitality"

Primary School

The May breeze blew the moving hearts.

In the grassy playground of Nanjing Jindi Future School, the students of the elementary school started an energetic sports competition with the sunrise.


In the 100-meter sprint, multi-person relay, long jump, tug of war ......, they were as sharp as a torch, ahead of the others, and took each competition seriously with the spirit of struggle.

A small light of defiance shines on the cheeks of a childish face.

WX20220517-163454@2x.pngJoy is the source of sports, and the children not only gave their best effort, but also enjoyed the fun brought by sports as well.


Middle School

More creative elements were added to the field day of the secondary school section.

Dance, guitar, drum set, electronic piano ...... The powerful songs and dances opened the event and ignited the enthusiasm of the children running to the field.

WX20220517-163516@2x.pngWhether it was the "high jump", the "tug of war", or the "Frisbee", the children of the middle school division were more committed than ever to unleash their love of sports.

WX20220517-163524@2x.pngAs a sportsman, G8 Benny said, "After daily sports training, reaction power, bouncing power and sense of strength have all made great progress, which has helped me a lot in running, high jump and long jump." 

WX20220517-163532@2x.pngDaring to challenge themselves and break through the limits, the children felt the charm of sports and lit up their future life through the struggle competition of catching up with each other.

Mini Basketball Tournament,Collision of "youthful blood"

"Dunk master" is the indelible memory of the youth of the 80s and 90s.

What kind of spark will be created when the post-00s meet basketball? The "Mini Basketball Tournament", a joint effort of the three schools of the middle school division, gives the answer.


This "5-a-side mini basketball game", which was planned, selected and officiated by the students themselves, was much more exciting than expected.

The whistle sounded, along with the two teams' fierce ball grabbing, the players started the foul mode, shooting, close defense, rebounding, three-point shooting, and their performance drove the whole court to the fever.


When never say die meets basketball, when cooperation and fearlessness meet teenagers.

They did not let go of a single chance on the court, proving to everyone that they dare to accept the challenge.

Fun Games,Feel the "team power"

In addition, the middle school department launched the "Fun Games" to cultivate the students' sports hobby.

Compared with the traditional sports, the fun games test the coordination of students' thinking and teamwork.


Two-man three-legged, spoon holding eggs, team rope skipping ..... The novel sports competitions inspired the students' creative thinking.

Taking big steps, with eyes like a torch, they faced the competition shoulder to shoulder, feeling the power of the team and enjoying the unlimited fun.


The dream-chasing boys on the field enjoyed the delightful movement of youth and released the vitality of life. They demonstrated the vitality of youth with their tenacious spirit.

"Nanjing Jindi Future School integrates the spirit of sports into every gene of the school, so that every student can discover his or her own interests and development.